PLATINUM: Patron Pack


PLATINUM: Patron Pack


This package provides you with the following:

A featured listing on our listings page at a 16:9 widescreen ratio... that's a big screen! This pushes your production to the top of our newest page and is the first thing audiences see. Who wouldn't want that? 

Get noticed on reviews. Your listing will be published at the bottom of all the productions we have reviewed within a two-week time frame. 

Social media love on all accessible platforms. The majority of our traffic is driven from Facebook and Twitter where we will promote you to all of our loving fans. Did we mention our Twitter count is nearing 3K?

Social media icons. Why not redirect traffic back over to your loving fans?

A personalized event listing. This gives you the ability to publish the following:

  • Production background and synopsis

  • Cast and creative team 

  • Your production poster

  • Photo gallery

  • Video Options

  • Other production listings

  • Link to your website

  • Link to purchase tickets

*A minimum of 3 days is required to purchase this package. Total cost per day is $15.00.

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