King Arthur’s Night

  • Berkley Street Theatre 26 Berkeley Street Toronto, ON, M5A 2W3 Canada

An upside-down world. A betrayed love. An unwanted child. Animals learning to walk and talk. A revolt by the subjugated masses. A kingdom come undone. This isn’t the King Arthur you know.

Refined, brutal, crude and tender, King Arthur’s Night is a radical re-examination of the creative process and a kick in the knees to our assumptions about difference. This ambitious work of theatre and music is co-created by Niall McNeil, an artist living with Down syndrome, with Marcus Youssef and James Long (Winners and Losers at Canadian Stage) and Canadian alt-songstress Veda Hille (co-creator of A Craigslist Cantata in Factory Theatre’s 2013 season). The integrated cast features a mix of actors living with and without Down syndrome, a live band, and a sixteen-person choir.

King Arthur’s Night tests what we know about the limits of theatre, language and our collective understanding of the narratives that are permitted to shape our world.