Natural Orders

  • Dancemakers 9 Trinity Street Toronto, ON, M5A 1G3 Canada

Award-winning Australian choreographer Antony Hamilton will present his most recent work created in residence at Dancemakers. Hamilton’s creations meld movement, sound, and visual design.  Hamilton’s work harnesses a curious loop, a sort of chicken-and-egg question about movement generation. Beginning with explorations of machine-generated movement starting from the notion that it was not possible for us before machines existed; we cannot move in a way that we cannot conceive. You can’t do the robot unless you’ve seen the robot.

Hamilton’s argument about conceiving movement harkens something of the Cartesian stumper that God is an infinite and perfect being and because we can conceive of infinity and perfection there must be a God to have given us the idea in the first place. It’s formally sound but predicated on a certain amount of faith.

June 22