Spamalot: Risqué and Down Right Hilarious

Justin Borrow

Staff Writer

From talks of migrating coconuts to very expensive forests, there isn’t much that the Lower Ossington Theatre’s production of Spamalot doesn’t offer.

"Lovingly ripped off" from the incredibly successful and ridiculously hilarious motion picture “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, Spamalot, directed by Jeremy Hutton, tells the tale of King Arthur (Jason Gray) and his loving and loyal friend Patsy (Evan Dowling). The two set out on a journey to find knights for their very, very, very, very, round table, and they join in on the knights’ quest for the Holy Grail. Accompanied by “brave” Sir Robin (Mitchell Court), “the good looking” Sir Lancelot (Ryan Jeffery), the “doubtful” Sir Galahad (Thomas James Finn) and the “flatulent” Sir Bedevere (Jeremy Hutton), King Arthur and his knights get into all sorts of absurd and sidesplittingly funny shenanigans on their quest.

Raunchy, obscene and brilliantly choreographed by Michele Shuster, the LOT’s production of Spamalot does everything it sets out to do and more. Having the audience in stitches from start to finish and captivating them with big, bright dance numbers, Spamalot engages the crowd, making them feel just as much a part of the production as the artists. The absurdity never seems to end and the jokes are just as funny today as they were in 1975, when the world was first introduced to “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. 

Special mention goes to Emma Ferrante, who plays The Lady of the Lake, for her hilarious performance and stunning voice, and to Evan Dowling for his wonderful portrayal of the loveable and under-appreciated Patsy.

The LOT’s production of Spamalot is a summer must-see for any Monty Python enthusiast or lover of good, hilarious theatre. From the exaggerated dance numbers to the fun and catchy tunes, plus the tacky, yet brilliant fight choreography, Spamalot is more than just a “flesh wound”; it is a massive success.

Spamalot is playing at the Lower Ossington Theatre until September 21st. For more information, visit