Next Stage Theatre Festival

Pulse loves its audience and is loved in return


Veronica Appia


Pulse, choreographed by Toronto dance artist Jasmyn Fyffe, combines contemporary dance with '60s and '70s soul music to create a 60-minute passion-filled dance party. The show is interactive as the dancers do not hesitate to try to grab audience members and groove with them in the aisles, or have them come up on stage to bust a move.

Pulse is not driven by any particular story line. It is a soulful buffet of sequences. Each song tells its own story and the performers dive into each story head first, hungry to entertain.

The dancers are high-energy, passionate and talented, spelling out each instant with their bodies. Whether the moment is frivolous or desperate, the show's mood is never somber. The audience continues to clap and cheer on every move nailed by these performers, keeping the atmosphere light and fun throughout. The dancers have a blast and their energy is highly contagious.


Pulse runs at the Next Stage Theatre Festival until Jan. 18. For more information, visit