Next Stage Theatre Festival

A tragically hilarious must-see

Veronica Appia


For a Good Time Call Kathy Blanchard is, incidentally, a good time. It's a tragicomedy infused with sitcom style. Everything that can possibly go wrong in a living room does and it's horrible – and horribly funny.

This show throws four quirky characters together who are dealing with extreme personal and familial tragedies. Most of them don't want to be in the room together, but none of them seem to be able to leave.

There's a lot to figure out throughout the course of a hockey game. With some faith, some fate and a couple of head injuries, the lives of these four kooky and confused individuals slowly start to piece back together.

Written by Michael Ross Albert and directed by Jim Warren, For a Good Time is evocatively written, action-packed and engaging moment to moment. A Next Stage Festival must-see.


Featuring: Jennifer Dzialoszynski, Daniel Pagett, Geoffrey Pounsett and Caroline Toal.


For a Good Time Call Kathy Blanchard is running until Jan. 18 at the Next Stage Theatre Festival. For more information, visit