Next Stage Theatre Festival

Clark will win you over, even if his show does not

Veronica Appia


I like Graham Clark. But I don't think I would call Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook theatre. And maybe it's not trying to be. It's just good ol' Graham Clark standing before us, discussing the dying era of the phone book. Literally. That's it.

Now that being said, he's hilarious. And yes, I was engaged. And before I got into the philosophical “what is theatre?” debate with myself mid-show, I decided it was best to go back to mindlessly laughing, rather than to over-analyze the life out of a performance that demands not to be over-analyzed.

In a nut shell, Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook is less interactive and more comedy-driven than I expected. That's what audience members should know going in. There's nothing deep about it. You don't learn much. But it's genuine and funny and Clark does a hell of a job at selling himself.

Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook plays at the Next Stage Theatre Festival until Jan. 18. For more information, visit