Next Stage Theatre Festival

Mine takes a 'sorry, not sorry' approach to lesbian love and desire

Veronica Appia


Abigail (Michelle Polak) and Bea (Jenna Harris) dive full throttle into their own poetic world of each other and entrance the audience with passion and Pablo Neruda.

The audience is invited into the most private and intimate snapshots of the lives of these women and their moments of innate love, desire and pain, as they build and break their relationship.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this show. It makes you feel uncomfortable and comfortable all at once. It gives you butterflies. It surprises you. It makes you blush.

Polak and Harris are wildly talented actors and really take hold of your heart and twist it any which way they desire. Their scenes start and end on passion-filled notes, but never cease to transition in a polished and seamless manner.

Mine is a fresh, celebrated display of women and sexuality and definitely something that we should see more of.

Directed by Clinton Walker, written by Jenna Harris and presented by Discord and Din Theatre, Mine runs at the Next Stage Theatre Festival until Jan. 18. For more information, visit