Next Stage Theatre Festival

Phillips and Templeton stirrup laughter in Unbridled & Unstable

Veronica Appia


The Templeton Philharmonic is definitely a comedy troupe that I would see over and over again.

Aside from being incredibly clever, cunning and amusing, comediennes Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton are versatile beyond belief, switching between characters, voices, movement, time periods, genres, genders and performance style at the drop of a hat. Seriously, is there anything these two can't do?

Their hour long sketch comedy show Unbridled & Unstable is a hodgepodge of social commentary, whacky slapstick comedy, silly synchronized dance interludes and the recurring theme of horses. Random? Very. But ferociously funny.

From salad infomercial actors, to insane plastic surgeons, to snobby book club members, these ladies do it all. This duo will have you in fits of laughter and will leave you wanting more.


Unbridled & Unstable runs at the Next Stage Theatre Festival until Jan. 18. For more information, visit