Dee Snider will have you rocking the halls this season

Jonathan Zagrodnik

Staff Writer

Let’s face it, around this time of the year there are two types of people: Those who love the holiday spirit and those who resemble a certain trademarked-green-furry-guy who is less than thrilled about Christmas. If you are the latter, than might I recommend going out to see Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale and get that frown turned upside down. Written by Legendary Rock Icon Dee Snider (lead singer/frontman for the ’80s glam metal band Twisted Sister) and directed by Adam John Hunter, this musical takes all of your holiday favourites and adds a twist of metal to them.

Snider takes on the role of the Narrator in this show, and creates a very warm, welcoming and often hilarious atmosphere for the audience. The story, while simple, is quite original and a lot of fun. The age-old-tale of a band trying to keep rock alive in changing times means music will also change. Add in a twist of absent Christmas spirit and a ticking clock to sell out a show and we get the Christmas tale that Snider has created for us. That’s when Snider introduces us to the motley crew (all puns intended) of heavy metal wannabes that will be entertaining the audience through the 95-minute runtime of the show:

The egotistic lead singer D.D. Snutz (Peter Deiwick), the angry bass player Tank (Kevin Fox), the ladies-man guitar player Johnny (Sean Kelly), and of course the drummer and new guy in the band Ralph (Spencer Robson). These four make up the band Daisy Cuter (cutter: but spelling it with one “T” is more metal), yet they can’t seem to draw a crowd. They realize that they have missed out on one important element of being a metal band: selling their immortal souls to Satan.

These four did an incredible job at capturing a struggling glam band, cracking jokes about all the hard rock clichés, dressing the part, and of course drinking and fighting the way only a metal band could. What was most impressive about their performance was the fact that the four of them actually performed all of the songs live with their designated instruments. 

Another huge shout-out for performance goes to pop-icon Taylor Dayne, who rocked the stage as club owner Roxanne, and belted her heart out alongside with the rest of the cast. Being a heavy metal Christmas musical, there were lots of head banging songs performed live on stage, all of which have writing credit going to Dee Snider.

The opening show of Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale had the audience rocking and on their feet. This is a very fun show that will certainly put you in the holiday spirit, and have you rocking your halls with boughs of metal. Fa-la-la-la-la la la ROCK ON!

Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale runs until Jan. 3, 2016. The performance takes place at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre. For more information visit