An energetic Beatles tribute at Lower Ossington Theatre

Thomas Volpe

Staff Writer

Hey Jude! The Music of the Beatles rocks Lower Ossington Theatre this month, and if you’re a fan of the Beatles, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Even if you aren’t, this raucous tribute to one of the most famous bands in the world will leave you with a smile on your face and more than a few songs stuck in your head.

The show features eight performers: four musicians and four singers. They all combine for some stunning renditions of classic Beatles tunes. Some songs feature the four band members alone as they fill the quaint, club-like room with iconic riffs and lyrics. The four band members, Cosmo, Gianni, Tally and Tom Ferraro (three brothers and a cousin) cover the music of the Liverpool foursome with great skill, although it seems to take some time for them to emotionally check in during the show.

The four singers, on the other hand, are completely into every song, regardless of who is leading in a particular tune. Andrew Ball, Thomas James Finn, Uche Ama and Rebecca Sadowski are all extremely enthusiastic about their opportunity to share the music of the Beatles with the audience. Not only that, they are all wonderfully talented singers, more than capable of delivering worthy cover performances of Beatles tunes. In particular, Andrew Ball is on point in Come Together, and Uche Ama opens the classic Let It Be beautifully.

Aside from the music, fans of the Beatles will appreciate many references to moments from Beatles history, from newspaper and magazine front page images featuring the deaths of both John Lennon and George Harrison, to famous Beatles quotes acted out by Thomas James Finn. While the music is clearly the driving force behind the show, these non-musical elements certainly add to the celebratory aspect of the production.

The four musicians are somewhat hidden behind the singers or off to the side during the whole show, even when they are alone onstage. Considering the Beatles was exactly that, a four man band, having these talented performers more prominently displayed may have been more appreciated at some points, especially when the Ferraro boys are given the opportunity to play and sing without extra accompaniment.

There is certainly a lot to enjoy with Hey Jude! Great covers of great songs in a very fun celebration of one of the most famous bands in the world. It all makes for a great time.


Hey Jude! The Music of the Beatles runs until May 9. Visit for details.