Ben Ross

Staff Writer

Morro (Heather Marie Annis) and Jasp (Amy Lee), Toronto’s beloved clown duo, have become a fringe circuit staple – and with good reason. In Morro and Jasp Do Puberty, a remount of their 2008 Fringe hit, they are in top form, dominating the Tarragon Mainspace with their boundless energy and rapier wit.

Guided by director/co-creator Byron Laviolette, the clown sisters touchingly and hilariously take on subject matter such as first periods, phone calls from boys, school dances and going “all the way.”

Lee and Annis are absolute pros. Their chemistry and timing are down pat, and the audience is delirious with laughter for much of the hour-long show.

The only possible downside would be for those who are afraid of some mild audience participation. Here again, though, the veteran actors get it just right: invasive enough to make the audience bristle at their approach, yet kind enough to have everyone secretly want to be picked.

Perhaps my favourite part of the show was the curtain call: the crowd, rightly, leapt to its feet and the beaming actors huddled at centre stage to receive their praise. A Toronto audience, so enthused, is a rare and welcome sight.

The Fringe may be over, but you have a bonus chance to catch this phenomenal show at Best of Fringe. Don’t miss it.

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