Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth's cheeky meta-humour makes it a winner

James Ryan Gobuty 

Staff Writer

What do you get when you take a Victorian era poem, interpret it every way you can and then perform those interpretations? Of course, you get Illume Collective's fringe show Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth.

Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth is based on the poem “Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti and follows the tale of two young sisters, Laura and Lizzie, as they deal with the repercussions of stumbling upon the goblin’s delicious wares.

Not content with simply adapting an old poem, Illume Collective performs the story from every angle: What is the goblin's perspective? What if gender roles were reversed? What if there were more lesbian undertones than first meet the eye? Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth explores all of these avenues through the use of strong physical theatre techniques and cheeky meta-humour, and is definitely a fun show for you theatre readers to check out at the Toronto Fringe Festival this season.

Fruit Fruit Mouth Mouth plays at the Factory Theatre Mainspace until July 11. For more information visit