Kneel! Diamond Dogs will have you rushing home to find your '70s vinyl records

Stephan Pereira


This one-person play follows the life of Damon McHavoc (Michael Posthumus) as he finds himself trying to come to terms with his true identity. One night, while snuggling up with his stuffed animal friend Grover, Damon is confronted by the ghost of his father’s musical idol, Neil Diamond. Damon is at first skeptical about this paranormal encounter, but is quick to embrace his new, surreal life.

As he embarks on his day-to-day routine, the spirit of Neil becomes more prominent in him. His step has more swagger, his attitude is more daring and his late night karaoke performances have the great Diamond feel. His party is eventually crashed by yet another ghost of a great '70s musician, David Bowie. Just like before, Damon adopts the Bowie attitude. His lifestyle changes as he emits his inner Bowie. His karaoke nights no longer consist of Neil Diamond’s greatest hits, but Bowie classics instead. The battle for Damon’s mind brews between the two contrasting musicians, as Damon’s personality becomes increasingly difficult to find.

Kneel! Diamond Dogs will have you bursting into laughter even if you aren’t familiar with Diamond or Bowie. The script is smart, witty and extremely entertaining. Posthumus plays a flawless role with a genuine performance. He accurately — and hilariously — embodies the personas of these two iconic rockstars. There are three reasons why this play received a standing ovation: Diamond, Bowie and the man who portrays it all, Posthumus.

Kneel! Diamond Dogs will be premiering at the Hamilton Fringe Festival on July 16. For more information visit