Shoes aren’t the only thing that shine in Lazarus’ Exposure

Veronica Appia


 The concept for Exposure is extremely unique.

In an age where we can shoot, edit and share photos instantaneously, playwright John Lazarus takes us back to a time when the first photograph of a person was taken.

At initial glance, this story from 1838 may seem a tad bit passé. But Lazarus makes us care. He takes the information that has been gathered from history and builds upon it to create a semi-fictional masterpiece starring characters we can’t help but love.

The story follows the lovable Parisian photography inventor Louis Daguerre (Craig Walker) on his journey to the Académie française to try to get funding for his new camera. The Académie is not impressed at first. They want to see a photo of a person.  A chance meeting with his old lover-turned-shoeshiner Mme. Brillante (Laurel Paetz) and a lot of luck leads Daguerre to his ultimate success – and a rekindled relationship.

But the action doesn’t end there. Lazarus throws in a plot twist involving the young, melodramatic Anonyme (Christopher Blackwell) and creates a brilliant hanging ending that leaves you hungry for more.

Directed by Kathryn MacKay, all three actors are incredibly real and engaging, reeling you into their world, one moment at a time. A delightful fringe must-see.

 Exposure plays at Robert Gill Theatre until July 10. For more information visit