10/10/10: A Captivating Collaboration

James Ryan Gobuty

Staff Writer

The 10/10/10 Project, presented by Bismuth Theatre, is an impressive example of the merits of highly collaborative theatre ventures. The 10/10/10 Project seeks to take the work of 10 writers, 10 choreographers and 10 composers, and turn them all into a unified piece under the watch of a single director, Aaron Jan.

This ambitious show, rooted in the idea of lost loves, manages to wrangle all of the ideas put into it by channelling them into a strong emotional through line. The result is a visually stimulating and emotionally compelling piece of theatre that manages to always create order from chaos. 

The 10/10/10 Project runs at the Factory Theatre Mainspace until July 12. For more information visit www.fringetoronto.com