Ninety: A mix of redundant and reminiscent

Veronica Appia


Two people. Ninety minutes.

That’s the length of time in which this disheveled couple has to decide if they truly love each other, or if they are just going to throw in the towel.

Isabel (Nicole Fairbairn) tries frantically to try to make her ex-husband William (William Macdonald) change his mind about her, only three days before he is expected to marry his newer, younger love interest, Vera.

In a series of flashbacks from their past combined with current bitterness and bickering, the audience is presented with a complete and utterly tangled portrait of their lives, both together and apart.

All in all, the play is quite enjoyable, but just under 90 minutes of squabbling can get a little bit redundant at times. The couple’s best moments are moments when they are reminiscing on memories from their past – times where they are painting an evocative picture that makes us feel something and allows us to grow a little bit closer to understanding the great extent of their tragedy.  

As they get more immersed in their stories, we get more immersed in them.

In a show where every second counts, every moment should be positively indispensable.

Presented by Naked Goddess Productions, Ninety runs at the Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace until July 11. For more information visit