Sh!t I’m in Love With You Again delivers raunchy, compelling performance

Adam Borohov

Staff Writer

A raunchy yet delightful performance has awaited audiences at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times cabaret space this month, as Rachelle Elie confronted audiences with a traditional one-woman show dressed up as what one could only mistake for a comedic one-night stand.

Elie’s one-woman extravaganza, Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again dresses itself up as a night of stand-up comedy, and though this may not be far from the truth, the performance says otherwise.

Walking into Buddies’ crimson lit studio space, I immediately became absorbed by the hedonistic release that one would feel walking into a dimly lit comedy bar. The alcohol, laughter and pheromones crowded the bar in the back and made for a very comforting space to settle, as the crowd began to bubble. Once the audience was sufficiently lubricated by the socially stimulating environment around them, lights went out and the show began, as our main act walked down the steps and lit up the room.

In terms of the performance, it was arguably Rachelle Elie’s undeniable charm that made her story as compelling as it was, delighting the audience with what could only be seen as a celebration of self-deprecating perseverance in the most endearing way possible. The costume changes, combined with the lighting, painted an interesting picture of this not-so-traditional love story, accentuated by the guitarist stage right (Luke Jackson).

Jackson’s presence throughout the show, though subtle, made an incredibly endearing addition to Elie’s story chiming in and out throughout the performance. His purpose stretched beyond the bounds of simply scoring the show, to playing his own character of “The Man On Stage With The Guitar.”  The music itself served its purpose, echoing catchy songs from Elie’s past and remaining consistent with the overall pacing of the story it was telling.

All in all, I’d say Rachelle Elie provided audiences with a performance that although may have seemed stripped down at first, remained compelling throughout its entirety.

Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again played at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. For more information, visit