Myth of the Ostrich is the Must-See

Jonathan Zagrodnik

Staff Writer

Offside Productions brings back Myth of the Ostrich to sold-out audiences and it is clear why. If you only have time to see one play at this festival, this is the one that you must see.

Written by Matt Murray and directed by Steven Gallagher, this play tells the story of two mothers meeting after their children start dating. Holly is completely aware of the details of the relationship, even though she doesn’t meddle in her child’s affairs, whereas Pam hasn’t quite realized one very important part of the relationship.

A great deal of miscommunication comedy comes into play here, which only escalates when Holly’s best friend and troublemaker, Cheryl, comes over. It is often very difficult to balance out comedy with its dramatic influences, but this piece rides that line perfectly. It is engaging, beautiful and you go from splitting your side to holding your heart in a matter of seconds.

The piece is performed wonderfully by the cast of Astrid Van Wieren (Holly), Alanis Peart (Pam), and Renée Hackett (Cheryl). It’s hard to single out a single performance, as they capture their characters to a T. Seriously. See this play!

 Myth of the Ostrich runs at the Next Stage Theatre Festival until Jan. 18. For more information, visit