Next Stage Theatre Festival

Big Shot. Small Impact.

Jonathan Zagrodnik

Staff Writer 

From Vancouver to the Next Stage Theatre Festival comes the Toronto premiere of Surreal SoReal Theatre’s one man show, Big Shot. This piece (written and performed by Jon Lachlan Stewart) explores the stories of five people who experience a very tragic event on a Vancouver train.

Stewart is a talented actor, which he demonstrates well through switching back and forth between characters. Unfortunately, these characters were nothing more than your basic archetypes, even bordering on questionable racism at points.

Stewart worked to incorporate movement and dance elements into the piece as well, however, these elements felt rather out of place and did not create the impact that was obviously desired. Oftentimes plays that revolve around Vancouver's culture do not translate well to Toronto audiences and unfortunately this is one of them. 

Big Shot is directed by Georgina Beaty and runs at the Next Stage Theatre Festival until Jan. 18. For more information, visit