A disturbing story, but overall unpolished

 Jonathan Zagrodnik

 Staff Writer

 Theatre-a-go-go brings DINK to this year’s Next Stage Theatre Festival.

 This play tells the story of two sisters struggling with their marriages. One marriage is falling apart at the seams and the other “perfect” marriage is about to go through a loop when it’s revealed that stand up military man and husband Bill, is nothing more than an unhinged pervert.

Directed and written by Caroline Azar, DINK does tell a rather interesting and disturbing story, however the direction of the play seems to be trying to do too many things at once. It seems to be drawing ideas from melodrama, musical and supernatural elements. This leaves the overall appearance of the play to be quite messy. If the play were to have stuck with only one of these genres, it may have been much more effective.

 DINK runs at the Next Stage Theatre Festival until Jan. 18. For more information, visit