Backstage in Biscuit Land

  • Harbourfront Centre Theatre 235 Queens Quay West Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8 Canada

Combining storytelling, comedy and puppetry, Backstage in Biscuit Land offers an intimate glimpse into Jess Thom’s unique perspective as an artist and woman with Tourette Syndrome. As a result of her tics, Thom says “biscuit” 16,000 times a day.

Thom loved the theatre as a child, but the intensity of her tics made it increasingly difficult to attend, a situation that culminated three years ago when she was asked to sit in isolation during a performance. Instead of never returning to the theatre, Thom found the only seat in the house she wouldn’t be asked to leave: the stage. Playful, spontaneous and laugh-out-loud funny,Backstage in Biscuit Land is a case in point that making theatre inclusive makes it better.