• Artscape Youngplace, Studio 107 180 Shaw Street Toronto, ON, M6J 2W5 Canada

War is in the air. Across a landscape riven by famine, penury, and the scent of ash, seven "children" come out to play. They tease, argue, laugh, chase a squirrel; their innocence is tested as the play hurtles toward a climax as disturbing as it is commonplace. Set originally in England, 1943, Wilson has taken the play out of its historical context and turned it into an expressionistic fever-dream, a speculation on the nature of human interactions in a world pulled apart by hunger, civil strife, and the terrified impulses that give rise to Trumpism.

In a self-designed set void of color, cold white like a blank canvas, Wilson's Blue Remembered Hills reinvigorates this older text and brings it out of its time - this is very much a production for Toronto, 2016, both hauntingly familiar and terrifyingly alien. 

A Good Old Neon Production

Written by Dennis Potter Directed & Designed by Nicole Wilson